Searching for a Louisville Photographer…

WWW.ENVYMEIMAGES.COM should be on the first page of  your Google search when searching for a Louisville Photographer, but it’s not. I’ll have to talk to them so they can get that fixed immediately. lol. You know I have a good sense of humor. Not only when I do photo shoots but even when Im not holding a camera.

Most people enjoy the experience working when me as their photographer and glad that they did choose me out of the Louisville bunch. Not only will I get great pictures of you and your family, the experience we have together is unforgettable, especially if you like corny jokes. lol. Naaa, just kidding. People do say I have the uncanny ability to make you laugh even when i’m not telling a joke. This ability is what makes me get the best out of you when conducting your Photo Shoot. To be able to make you relax, is so important as I come off more as a friend than a Louisville Photographer.

Test the experience yourself. Even though you want the best portraits you ever taken, which you will get at Envy Me Images, the experience is just as important and both will be cherished for a lifetime.