Where is your Louisville Photography Studio Located?

This is a common question that I get asked from time to time.  Where is your photography studio located in Louisville.  The answer is, “Your already there.”  🙂 My photography studio is outdoors.  I look for real backdrops and work with real props.  That’s why I love shooting outdoors on location.  The resources are virtually unlimited.  I love the challenge to find the right backdrop for the right scene.  Most of the time I can find it right in your own backyard, a local park, the Louisville River Front or simply a cozy place in downtown Louisville.

Searching for a Louisville Photographer…

WWW.ENVYMEIMAGES.COM should be on the first page of  your Google search when searching for a Louisville Photographer, but it’s not. I’ll have to talk to them so they can get that fixed immediately. lol. You know I have a good sense of humor. Not only when I do photo shoots but even when Im not holding a camera.

Most people enjoy the experience working when me as their photographer and glad that they did choose me out of the Louisville bunch. Not only will I get great pictures of you and your family, the experience we have together is unforgettable, especially if you like corny jokes. lol. Naaa, just kidding. People do say I have the uncanny ability to make you laugh even when i’m not telling a joke. This ability is what makes me get the best out of you when conducting your Photo Shoot. To be able to make you relax, is so important as I come off more as a friend than a Louisville Photographer.

Test the experience yourself. Even though you want the best portraits you ever taken, which you will get at Envy Me Images, the experience is just as important and both will be cherished for a lifetime.

Finished (for now at least)

Well, if you look at the time of this post.  I’m finally finished the website and it’s just about midnight.  I must of been working on this website for about 36hrs or so.  It wasn’t that hard to do, but it is when you have problems that you are trying to trouble shoot.  Especially if your getting no online support.  This is a WordPress website and I had a problem with one of the modules in my Jetpack.  Long story short, i fixed it by deleting it.

Well now the only thing that’s left to do is to transfer my Envy Me Images website domain name over to this one.  This may take some time.  I hope I can do it because I started this website as a sub-domain site from emipblog.com.    Emipblog.com is the blog of EMIP TV.  It’s mostly where I post all of the videos I shoot and thoughts that I  need to post in between videos.  It also has some news about photography and any other news that’s making headlines in the world today.

Well, I’m off to bigger and better things like SLEEP.  lol.  I hope you enjoy reading this but this drama is over.  Now on to some new stuff like photography.  They always say if you run a photography business or any kind of business, it’s less shooting and less of the stuff you love and more of this stuff that keeps the photography business or any business going by doing more work on the back-end.

Good night!

PS. I love Photography  🙂

Up all Day and Night working on the ‘NEW’ Envy Me Images Website

OMG, I swear I sat in this chair for over 12 hours working on the new Envy Me Images website. If you are reading this post, you are looking at it. Well, what do you think? It’s a new year and it’s time to revamp the web site. I really love the old Envy Me Images Photography website but I decided to switch to WordPress as I feel the old one didn’t give me a lot of control. The old one is hosted by Big Black Bag. I used them for many years now. I still like them but I found my self not gaining any Google rankings over the years because of poorly written SEO. Now it could be my fault as I am a newbie to all of this but gaining experience very fast. I rather be out creating photographs in Louisville then working on the back-end of the site. Well, I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions about this site or the site I’m in the processing of leaving, let me know. Ill be more than happy to share.

Always remember, If you need any photography work in the Louisville and surrounding area, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Something Special Coming to the Louisville Area this Summer

Louisville photographer Smiley Face picture

I’ve been planning a personal photography project for sometime now and I believe I will be able to launch it this summer in the Louisville Southern Indiana area. I don’t want to give to much details about it, but I will give you a hint.  It has to deal with photographs and photography.  Well, I guess that’s not too much of a hint since you already know I am a photographer, but I promise, it will be something special.  Please visit this website for more details in the coming months.

Always remember, If you need any photography work in the Louisville and surrounding area, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Senior Photography and Portrait photography is my specialty.  All of my photo shoots are outdoors as I bring my photography studio to you.  You will definitely feel like a star as I not only concentrate on taking excellent photos, but also give my all so you have a great experience as well.  You will feel like a star with a smile before the day is complete.

Are you looking for a photographer for Louisville Senior Pictures

Envy Me Images

Are you thinking about your photographer for Senior Pictures? Remember me.  Senior pictures in the Louisville area is my specialty and also my favorite type of photography to do.  One of the main reasons I like shooting Seniors is because they are usually game for anything.  You can get great shots with them.  Meaning, if you ask the to climb a tree as you shoot on your back on the ground, they are down for it.  They don’t worry about getting a little dirty to get the shot and they are usually always smiles.

So if your looking for a photographer for a Senior shoot in Louisville Kentucky and the Southern Indiana area, I’m your Louisville photographer. 🙂



Welcome to he New Envy Me Images Blog Site

Dre Bailey Louisville Photographer

My name is Andre.  The photographer at Envy Me Images in the Louisville/Southern Indiana area.  Welcome to my new blog site.  I already have a fully functional site located at www.envymeimages.com, but this site will eventually come the full site in the months to come.  I’m building it myself, so please be patient.  I’m not the greatest at this.  I wish I could just stick to photography, but unfortunately, I must be the webmaster as well.  lol.  Well please enjoy this site, as I slowly get it up and running and thank you for checking in with me at Envy Me Images.  Remember, if you have any questions on photography or a particular photo shoot in the Louisville area, please don’t hesitate to call.  I shoot families, seniors, children, engagements, and Louisville Weddings are coming soon.