Finished (for now at least)

Well, if you look at the time of this post.  I’m finally finished the website and it’s just about midnight.  I must of been working on this website for about 36hrs or so.  It wasn’t that hard to do, but it is when you have problems that you are trying to trouble shoot.  Especially if your getting no online support.  This is a WordPress website and I had a problem with one of the modules in my Jetpack.  Long story short, i fixed it by deleting it.

Well now the only thing that’s left to do is to transfer my Envy Me Images website domain name over to this one.  This may take some time.  I hope I can do it because I started this website as a sub-domain site from is the blog of EMIP TV.  It’s mostly where I post all of the videos I shoot and thoughts that I  need to post in between videos.  It also has some news about photography and any other news that’s making headlines in the world today.

Well, I’m off to bigger and better things like SLEEP.  lol.  I hope you enjoy reading this but this drama is over.  Now on to some new stuff like photography.  They always say if you run a photography business or any kind of business, it’s less shooting and less of the stuff you love and more of this stuff that keeps the photography business or any business going by doing more work on the back-end.

Good night!

PS. I love Photography  🙂