The First Weekend of Louisville Smiles was a Success

Last weekend was the first weekend for Louisville Smiles to where I go around the City of Louisville to photograph and capture smiles and happy faces to share them on Facebook with the entire world was a success.  I photographed a total of 7 people and/or couples but my goal was to only photograph five people.

The first weekend we set up shop on The Big 4 Bridge in downtown Louisville.  What a great place to kick off the Louisville Smiles project.  I started walking from the Jeffersonville, IN side heading towards Kentucky; and before I was even half way across the bridge, I already reached my goal of 5 people plus an additional bonus of two more happy faces.  Everyone approached was more than happy to have their picture taken and to be included in Louisville Smiles.  No one said, “No Thanks”.

I like to thank everyone who participated in the project over the weekend.  Below is a sample of a few smiling faces that were captured.  To see them all, visit my Facebook page at

Remember, you too can be included in Louisville Smiles.  If you see us, just smile as I’ll be in a neighborhood near you.  🙂

Louisvillesmiles_1113 DSC_1106-Edit DSC_1105-Edit Louisville Smiles