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Photographer Senior Pictures

It’s getting to be that time to remember your Senior year by capturing photographer senior pictures by a photographer.  So who are you going to choose as a photographer for your senior pictures session.  By reading this post, I am already in consideration for one of your choices which is great.  Using Envy Me Images as a photographer for your senior pictures will ensure you have the best pictures in your senior class done at a very reasonable price.  I’m not here to oversell you for pictures and bombard you with a million different packages.  I’m just here to take great pictures of you that you can share with your friends and family that will last for a lifetime.

Check out my prices in the pricing on the above links on this website.  You will see that I just charge for the session and give you all pictures taken.  I also give you the picture printing rights to where you can print your own photos at your local Walmart, CVS, Right Aid, etc…   Although, I do offer and prefer that you order your pictures through my professional lab, I give you the option to print your own pictures if you desire.

Please remember  using a professional lab to ordering and printing your pictures is the best option to ensure you have quality assured prints with 100% color accuracy and first class finishing.  I don’t want to put down any local stores that print, but they are not professional prints done by professional techs.  Your colors may not be right and you can experience exposures that are just not accurate to the picture that you upload to them.
Beautiful locations are about to be at there prime as the grass and other greenery start to come in, so let’s get to those locations and get the HOT pics that you are looking for before your friends do.
And remember…The Photographer Senior Pictures is Envy Me Images.

Photographer Senior Pictures

New Portfolio Pictures added to Portraits Section

Louisville Portrait Photographer Louisville Portrait Photographer

I admit, one of the things that I am not good at is updating the website and updating you with what’s going on with Envy Me Images.  Well today I have good news.  I’m adding a couple of pictures to the portrait section of my website.  I usually only add one picture from a shoot, but this particular photo shoot had so many great photographs, I couldn’t choose just one.  Now I know how my customers feel when they are choosing prints.  Choosing photographs for prints is not easy when working with Envy Me Images.  I typically try to help narrow the choices down for you, but even so, you still have many, many great photographs to choose from.

This photo shoot was done in Downtown Louisville, next to Louisville’s Slugger Field.  This I feel is the best place to conduct a photo shoot in the Louisville area because it’s an area with virtually unlimited backgrounds.  From grass, to ivy walls, fences, steps, flowers, trees, water, and if the weather cooperates, beautiful skies.  All of this is within walking distance from each other which only takes seconds to get from one location to another.

Please check out these great pictures and others that are in the portfolio section of this website.  Portraits, Family Pictures, and Seniors is what I love to shoot, but if you venture into my portfolio, you will learn that I also love to shoot Landscapes and Lifestyle type images as well.

If you have any questions about an upcoming photo shoot you are planning, please don’t hesitate to contact me in the contact link listed above.


Finding Photographers in Louisville, Ky

Envy Me Images

Searching for photographers in Louisville, Ky could be a never ending task.  At least that’s what it would seem like when you do a Google search for photographers.  Currently, that particular search for a photographer nets 1.3 million.  Are the best photographers on the first few pages?  The answer is no.  The photographers listed on the first few pages of a search only confirms that they are good at SEO, which is search engine optimization.  They may blog everyday or even post pictures everyday online for you to see.  Just remember that blogging or website activity doesn’t equal a good photographer.

What is a good photographer?  There could be many points that make a good photographer, but photography is subjective.  Meaning, a good photographer is someone whose photography you like and not necessarily who everyone else likes or recommends.

So I say when choosing a Louisville photographer for weddings, head shots, family pictures, senior picture ideas or portraits is to be sure you take your time.  Don’t stick to the first few pages of a Google search.  Take notes and be sure to view his or her photography portfolio, but most of all; choose someone you like and not who others like.  That advice goes a long way to being happy with the Louisville Photographer you choose.

Remember, Envy Me Images is a local Louisville photographer who will leave you with a world class impression.  I specialize in Senior Portraits and Family Pictures but my best specialty is your happiness.  🙂

I Forget that I have a Photography Business

Envy Me Images Photography

Ever since the launch of Louisville Smiles, I’m slowly forgetting that I have a photography business.  Yes, I forget that I am a Portrait Photographer who specializes in Senior Photography, Family Photography, and soon to come Wedding Photography.  With all of that, I definitely have my plate full.  So when you call Envy Me Images Photography, forgive me when I answer the phone “Louisville Smiles”  LOL…

The First Weekend of Louisville Smiles was a Success

Last weekend was the first weekend for Louisville Smiles to where I go around the City of Louisville to photograph and capture smiles and happy faces to share them on Facebook with the entire world was a success.  I photographed a total of 7 people and/or couples but my goal was to only photograph five people.

The first weekend we set up shop on The Big 4 Bridge in downtown Louisville.  What a great place to kick off the Louisville Smiles project.  I started walking from the Jeffersonville, IN side heading towards Kentucky; and before I was even half way across the bridge, I already reached my goal of 5 people plus an additional bonus of two more happy faces.  Everyone approached was more than happy to have their picture taken and to be included in Louisville Smiles.  No one said, “No Thanks”.

I like to thank everyone who participated in the project over the weekend.  Below is a sample of a few smiling faces that were captured.  To see them all, visit my Facebook page at

Remember, you too can be included in Louisville Smiles.  If you see us, just smile as I’ll be in a neighborhood near you.  🙂

Louisvillesmiles_1113 DSC_1106-Edit DSC_1105-Edit Louisville Smiles

How much background should a photographer include in your portrait

Every time I search for or scout a new location to shoot at in Louisville, I always have to consider the background and how much of the background am I going to include in the image.  By saying “including”, I mean how much of the background am I going to have in focus.

The reason why photographers have to consider this is because the difference between the background in focus and the background out of focus is a huge difference.  In the two picture below, you can see the difference between in focus background and out of focus background.
DSC_1052DSC_1056Sometimes you may be going for one photography effect, and then again; sometimes another photography effect.  Usually when the background is unattractive, I will choose to make the background out of focus which can result in a beautiful, muslin like, in studio type image but taken outdoors.  So next time your in Louisville and you have a crummy background to work with, don’t be afraid to still do the photo shoot.  Just remember to blow out the background.

What exactly is Louisville Smiles? a mini Photo Shoot

Some people are still asking what Louisville Smiles actually is.  Well to sum it up quickly.  It’s where I conduct mini 30 second photo shoots around the City of Louisville to capture and share the smiles and happiness that everyone has.  I know you have it and I’m going to get it.  Smile when you see me 🙂

Louisville Smiles is Here :)

Louisville SmilesAs I clued you in a few month ago, I have been working on a special project.  I am finally ready to reveal my special project which has finally arrived.  “Louisville Smiles”.  Yes, you heard it right.  Louisville Smiles is finally here.  This is a project where I photograph all the smiles and happy faces around the City of Louisville.  All photographs will be posted on the Facebook community page for everyone to see and share.  There will also be short clips of people expressing their happiness and smiles on video as well.

If you know me, I am all about happiness, smiles, and just being happy in general.  Life is too short not to be.  This project encourages people to find there happiness and share it throughout the City of Louisville and surrounding communities.  It makes me feel good as well because nothing makes me more happy than photographing others who are happy as well.

Look for me throughout the City of Louisville for the entire summer as I will be all over town photographing happy people.  I would love for you to participate by showing your smile and sharing your happiness throughout the Louisville area.

Best Locations for Photo Shoot in Louisville

big 4 bridge with lightsWhat’s quickly becoming one of the best places to shoot photography in Louisville is near the Big Four Bridge.  By having the Big Four Bridge in the background of your portraits makes a statement that you are in Louisville and you are proud of your city.  The Big Four Bridge is making it’s way as a huge Louisville landmark especially since they added lights to the bridge which now features it as part of the Louisville skyline.

If you want to feature Louisville in you photo shoot, consider featuring the Big Four Bridge.  Some other popular places to shoot in Louisville are Churchill Downs, Louisville Slugger, 4th Street Live, and the Waterfront with the Kennedy bridge in the background.  Now we can add Louisville’s own Big Four Bridge to that list along with a few others that were not mentioned.

New Change to the Homepage of Envy Me Images, Louisville Photograper

Just made another major update to my Louisville Photographer website.  Yes, already.  lol  After consulting with my friend Meg from MegTV, she suggest I get rid of the homepage with the huge image and make the website show my portfolio there.  That is my home space and that image was taking over it.  So my new homepage consist of my Portfolio of all of my images taken in and around Louisville, KY.  So far as of this date, the image categories consist of 3 sections.  The three portfolio categories are; Portraits, Lifestyle, and Landscapes.  All of my images are categorized into one of these three areas.   So what do you think of this change?  Is Meg right?