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New Portfolio Pictures added to Portraits Section

Louisville Portrait Photographer Louisville Portrait Photographer

I admit, one of the things that I am not good at is updating the website and updating you with what’s going on with Envy Me Images.  Well today I have good news.  I’m adding a couple of pictures to the portrait section of my website.  I usually only add one picture from a shoot, but this particular photo shoot had so many great photographs, I couldn’t choose just one.  Now I know how my customers feel when they are choosing prints.  Choosing photographs for prints is not easy when working with Envy Me Images.  I typically try to help narrow the choices down for you, but even so, you still have many, many great photographs to choose from.

This photo shoot was done in Downtown Louisville, next to Louisville’s Slugger Field.  This I feel is the best place to conduct a photo shoot in the Louisville area because it’s an area with virtually unlimited backgrounds.  From grass, to ivy walls, fences, steps, flowers, trees, water, and if the weather cooperates, beautiful skies.  All of this is within walking distance from each other which only takes seconds to get from one location to another.

Please check out these great pictures and others that are in the portfolio section of this website.  Portraits, Family Pictures, and Seniors is what I love to shoot, but if you venture into my portfolio, you will learn that I also love to shoot Landscapes and Lifestyle type images as well.

If you have any questions about an upcoming photo shoot you are planning, please don’t hesitate to contact me in the contact link listed above.