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Finding Photographers in Louisville, Ky

Envy Me Images

Searching for photographers in Louisville, Ky could be a never ending task.  At least that’s what it would seem like when you do a Google search for photographers.  Currently, that particular search for a photographer nets 1.3 million.  Are the best photographers on the first few pages?  The answer is no.  The photographers listed on the first few pages of a search only confirms that they are good at SEO, which is search engine optimization.  They may blog everyday or even post pictures everyday online for you to see.  Just remember that blogging or website activity doesn’t equal a good photographer.

What is a good photographer?  There could be many points that make a good photographer, but photography is subjective.  Meaning, a good photographer is someone whose photography you like and not necessarily who everyone else likes or recommends.

So I say when choosing a Louisville photographer for weddings, head shots, family pictures, senior picture ideas or portraits is to be sure you take your time.  Don’t stick to the first few pages of a Google search.  Take notes and be sure to view his or her photography portfolio, but most of all; choose someone you like and not who others like.  That advice goes a long way to being happy with the Louisville Photographer you choose.

Remember, Envy Me Images is a local Louisville photographer who will leave you with a world class impression.  I specialize in Senior Portraits and Family Pictures but my best specialty is your happiness.  🙂