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How much background should a photographer include in your portrait

Every time I search for or scout a new location to shoot at in Louisville, I always have to consider the background and how much of the background am I going to include in the image.  By saying “including”, I mean how much of the background am I going to have in focus.

The reason why photographers have to consider this is because the difference between the background in focus and the background out of focus is a huge difference.  In the two picture below, you can see the difference between in focus background and out of focus background.
DSC_1052DSC_1056Sometimes you may be going for one photography effect, and then again; sometimes another photography effect.  Usually when the background is unattractive, I will choose to make the background out of focus which can result in a beautiful, muslin like, in studio type image but taken outdoors.  So next time your in Louisville and you have a crummy background to work with, don’t be afraid to still do the photo shoot.  Just remember to blow out the background.

What exactly is Louisville Smiles? a mini Photo Shoot

Some people are still asking what Louisville Smiles actually is.  Well to sum it up quickly.  It’s where I conduct mini 30 second photo shoots around the City of Louisville to capture and share the smiles and happiness that everyone has.  I know you have it and I’m going to get it.  Smile when you see me 🙂

Louisville Smiles is Here :)

Louisville SmilesAs I clued you in a few month ago, I have been working on a special project.  I am finally ready to reveal my special project which has finally arrived.  “Louisville Smiles”.  Yes, you heard it right.  Louisville Smiles is finally here.  This is a project where I photograph all the smiles and happy faces around the City of Louisville.  All photographs will be posted on the Facebook community page for everyone to see and share.  There will also be short clips of people expressing their happiness and smiles on video as well.

If you know me, I am all about happiness, smiles, and just being happy in general.  Life is too short not to be.  This project encourages people to find there happiness and share it throughout the City of Louisville and surrounding communities.  It makes me feel good as well because nothing makes me more happy than photographing others who are happy as well.

Look for me throughout the City of Louisville for the entire summer as I will be all over town photographing happy people.  I would love for you to participate by showing your smile and sharing your happiness throughout the Louisville area.