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Best Locations for Photo Shoot in Louisville

big 4 bridge with lightsWhat’s quickly becoming one of the best places to shoot photography in Louisville is near the Big Four Bridge.  By having the Big Four Bridge in the background of your portraits makes a statement that you are in Louisville and you are proud of your city.  The Big Four Bridge is making it’s way as a huge Louisville landmark especially since they added lights to the bridge which now features it as part of the Louisville skyline.

If you want to feature Louisville in you photo shoot, consider featuring the Big Four Bridge.  Some other popular places to shoot in Louisville are Churchill Downs, Louisville Slugger, 4th Street Live, and the Waterfront with the Kennedy bridge in the background.  Now we can add Louisville’s own Big Four Bridge to that list along with a few others that were not mentioned.

New Change to the Homepage of Envy Me Images, Louisville Photograper

Just made another major update to my Louisville Photographer website.  Yes, already.  lol  After consulting with my friend Meg from MegTV, she suggest I get rid of the homepage with the huge image and make the website show my portfolio there.  That is my home space and that image was taking over it.  So my new homepage consist of my Portfolio of all of my images taken in and around Louisville, KY.  So far as of this date, the image categories consist of 3 sections.  The three portfolio categories are; Portraits, Lifestyle, and Landscapes.  All of my images are categorized into one of these three areas.   So what do you think of this change?  Is Meg right?